I joined because I wanted to shift some unwelcome pounds that somehow seemed to have attached themselves to me over my advancing years! I'd tried a series of 'fad 'diets, but never stuck to them, which left me feeling more & more depressed.  I've discovered that for me 'fad' diets are unsustainable, either from the food restrictions they comprise of, or trying to make them work within both working & family life.  However, Julie's advice with diet and nutrition has always been totally sound & sensible and most importantly ACHIEVABLE! I've lost just over 2 stone with Julie and am 100% happier and fitter as a result.  Julie's support is fantastic, never judgmental, always encouraging to get you to where you want to be.


Julie's classes are also excellent & a fun, thorough workout combining stretches & more aerobic exercise. The classes work for all levels of fitness - those with greater fitness are encouraged to push themselves harder, whilst those wanting a more gentle level can work at a slower pace. Julie varies the routines and music every few weeks, so classes are never boring. Even though I'm at my goal weight, I still come to Julie's sessions as they're so enjoyable and also informative with the pre-exercise chat.


I really can't recommend Julie highly enough, not only on a professional level, but as an individual with a constant upbeat, sunny attitude and an ever present smile—always cheers up my week!



I have been attending Julie's classes for about 8 years and originally joined to lose 1 stone and 10 pounds. I lost the weight and achieved my goal some years back but that is never the end of the story. I want to maintain my weight. The healthy eating and the exercise go hand in hand and I would never dream of stopping the classes. The exercise is crucial.


Since attending the classes I eat good healthy food, have a healthy lifestyle and I'm much fitter. There are no fad diets, simply healthy eating for life. I know I look better and I feel more confident. I've also made some good friends.


I don't care for the gym!! A class with teacher putting me through my paces suits me just fine. I love that Julie's classes have women of all shapes, sizes and ages, anything from 20s to 70s. Everyone is made to feel comfortable and supported. Always encouraged to work at the pace and level which suits them.


Exercising to music is brilliant—up beat tempo for Aerobics—more soothing, quieter music for Pilates.


Being part of the group feels great along with Julie's words of praise and encouragement.

I'm always glad I made the effort, even on a wet and windy, freezing winter's night!


This class is perfect for me. Always energetic, punchy and hard hitting to make a difference and work up a bit of a sweat, never manic and crazy.


I also love the talks we have before the exercise starts. There are endless fitness and health topics to discuss to which we are encouraged to add our thoughts and ideas.



I have found a new me, at 48, I am  now fitter than I have been since my teens, I have more energy and am much less stressed. Through Julie’s weekly chats, I have been educated about food and portions. I now don’t think of myself on a diet, I have just changed my outlook on food and have changed many habits for life. I actually lost my goal weight in 18 weeks (starting in Feb 2010) and have kept within a 4 lb band width ever since. I have met some fantastic people of all ages who I would never have normally met and the classes have allowed me to have a regular focus on maintaining  both my fitness and weight – I now really take feeling healthy as a norm and genuinely plan both my work and leisure around Julie’s classes.


Julie’s classes are fantastic, they have transformed my fitness. She changes her routines every few weeks to work on different areas of our bodies and I love the fact that you can manage your own pace and never feel self-conscious. There are a number of class times and they are such good value and there is no real excuse of not being able to attend at least one or two a week. The diversity that Julies puts into her classes has also allowed me to tone – which actually has been a brilliant benefit. I think I was so transfixed on simply losing weight, but now realise that toning is almost as important. I have found that I have maintained the same weight but actually through the classes actually changed my body shape for the better!


I wish I had met Julie years ago! But am pleased I know her now. She is such a breath of fresh air in an industry full of messages and quick fixes – she is always positive, supportive, smiley, enthusiastic, interested and inventive with her workouts. There are no miracle cures out there for a healthy life – It is up to all of us to take control but if you really make up your mind to make a few changes then Julie offers fantastic healthy eating support, sound advice and motivation and the exercise framework to really allow you to make the changes to yourself —and it's excellent value.                                       


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